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Your firm's websites

Why we need to know about your websites

If your firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you can now display on your firm's website(s) a digital 'badge' that allows visitors to verify that your website is operated by a firm we regulate. From 25 November 2019, displaying the badge will be mandatory for firms we regulate.

Our badge technology prevents it from being displayed on websites that are unknown to us. Therefore, to display the badge on a website, you must first have told us about the website. 

If your firm has a website, please ensure it is included in your firm's record in mySRA.   

We know that some firms we regulate have more than one website or web address. But mySRA permits firms to record one web address only. Therefore, if your firm intends to display the badge on more than one website, you must complete this form.

For security reasons, only authorised signatories (including RF1 signatories) and organisation contacts are permitted to complete this form. 

We may take up to ten working days to verify the information you provide in this form.

If you have already submitted a form for additional websites to display the digital badge and are submitting a request for a further website(s), please make sure that your additional request includes all the websites you have previously requested and the website you now want the badge for.

To learn how to display the badge on your website(s), visit

Websites and web addresses

All web addresses contain a domain name. In the examples below, the domain name is in bold. For the purposes of the badge, any difference in domain name is treated as a separate website.  


Similarly, all web addresses contain a top-level domain. In the examples below, the top-level domain is in bold. For the purposes of the badge, any difference in top-level domain is treated as a separate website.


Some web addresses contain a subdomain instead of a www prefix. In the examples below, the subdomain is in bold. For the purposes of the badge, any difference in subdomain is treated as a separate website. 

1. Does your firm have more than one website?