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Financial penalties: Consultation paper

Financial penalties

We are seeking views on proposals in relation to our approach to financial penalties, with a view to resolving cases much more quickly, reducing cost, delay and stress for the profession as well as improving public protection, consistency and providing a deterrent to reduce future risk of repeated behaviour.

We have powers to impose a financial penalty when a regulated firm or individual does not meet the professional standards we expect of them.

We particularly welcome views from solicitors, firms we regulate, consumers and other regulators.

Please read our consultation paper before you attempt to respond.

To respond to the consultation, please complete the questionnaire that follows or learn about other ways to respond.

About the questionnaire

First, we ask you to identify yourself. Then, we pose 12 substantive questions. Finally, we ask a short series of questions about you. You can save a partial response and complete it later.

You can download a copy of your response before you submit it.

The deadline for submission of responses is 11 February 2022.

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